Cuffed jeans: the rediscovered trend for winter

Cuffed jeans are increasingly trendy and loved by fashion lovers: here is everything you need to know about them

How do you wear jeans? Is there a particular way to wear it or do you just put it on and combine it with sweaters, jackets, and shoes? This may seriously seem like a trivial question but, trust me if we ask you it is because there are different ways to wear jeans.

First of all, a lot depends on the type of trousers we choose, if tight and tight up to the ankles, if wide and maybe even flared, like bell-bottoms, if it has a low or regular crotch if it is high or normal waist … in short, many jeans correspond to a way to show them off and to this, you can add ways to wear them. One of these is certain to shorten it a little at the ankles so as to show a little leg and the gap between the trousers and the shoes.

We are talking about cuffed jeans, which have been increasingly popular for some time now, not only among women but also among men. Why? What is the reason for this great success?

Often it is only a question of length, or rather than going to a seamstress to get the turn of the day, the aim is to leave it long and then create cuffs by hand as far as you think it is right to go. Most of the time this happens with the jeans a little wider at the bottom, therefore not particularly tight, so as to avoid that the trousers partially cover the footwear. This is definitely the case when we choose décolleté with heels or sandals. It is even more valid if we have chosen to wear jeweled shoes or shoes characterized by particular details, such as bows or other applications that, of course, we want to show.

Why wear cuffed jeans?Cuffed jeans

Cuffed jeans, for the uninitiated, are known all over the world as roll-up jeans. We tell you this because if you are abroad or you are comparing yourself with your friend who is super passionate about fashion, you will certainly know what to talk about. Why are we aiming to create this twist? It is not just a question of tailoring, but it is a ploy for shorter girls to appear more slender. Here is the big secret of cuffed jeans!

Trend or not?

The flap-mania is not a trend today but already known in the world of rural workers. And not only. They have always shortened trousers for a purely practical fact, but today it is done for fashion. It is only a matter of necessity (real or assumed). In any case, the stars today seem to be unable to do without them, just think of Kate Moss, who has nothing to slender, or Sarah Jessica Parker and Liv Tyler. In their case, to be honest, often the look is characterized by a low shoe, usually ballet flats or sneakers. And do you wear them?

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