Guide to wear shorts

The tights or leggings are a must in every woman’s wardrobe garment, but that does not mean that everyone will know how to use them and take advantage. The combination of colors, shoes, clothes you wear on the top will make you look great or a jerk.

To avoid becoming second, follow this guide carefully to wear shorts, regardless of the season or the occasion: cold or hot, whether for work or a party, you are always welcome.

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Rules for wearing shorts

The first thing to know is that the shims are not worn too tight or too loose either. They do not look if they mark every dimple of your legs, much less when they hang freely over them.

The pants are not pants, so be very careful what you wear them. It does not look good with a very long shirt, even if it covers your back, you will not even be fully dressed.

A good option is to wear them with a dress, skirt or shorts. Also be very careful with the shoes you choose: they look great with high boots, sandals, slippers or even short boots.

Also, make sure the length is right. They do not look very good, for more clothes and accessories that you wear, when the shorts are above the ankle. In that case, just say goodbye to them.

  • Do not wear bright colored underwear, even if you have a long garment. You can also see through the shims, especially if they are cotton.
  • Make sure the upper garment covers your buttocks, especially if you’re at work.
  • If your shorts are gray or are in poor condition, leave them for home use.

At work

Before you get to work with your best shorts, make sure that you are allowed to wear such clothing in your workplace. Controls the company’s dress code and verifies that it is acceptable.

To look good your legs at work with one of these tight shorts, the options are several. From cotton to suede, leather or even dark lame. But be very careful if, for example, you intend to wear some leather with a shirt … is not the best attire to work.

Another tip on using leggings in the workplace is to avoid stamping. If you wear one of those or lace, you may be a little vulgar. Better leave them for when you’re not in the office.

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The top of the dress is also key when wearing shorts at work. You can wear them with a jacket, simple dress or cotton. Another option is a loose top with a skirt, but it should not be too high above the knee to be too provocative.

For winter

a good tight long sweater also looks great. But be sure to combine it with a nice belt and the right boots, high or low.

Either with a pair of closed or low-heeled shoes, never wear a short with shorts at work. It may be nice at a friend’s outing, but it is not suitable for a working day.

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