The perfect dress for every body type

Choose the right dress for you! Just take note of these YES AND NO when buying.

There is no perfect dress for all bodies, what exists is a type of dress that will suit you according to the body you have. Do you want to know what your type is?


perfect dress for every body type
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How is it? Narrow shoulders and broad hips.

Yes: V-neck dresses showing the top of your body. Choose those that have a straight cut.

No: Dress with too much volume on the hips or below the waist.

The necklines in V very favor this type of body where the hips are prominent.


perfect dress for every body type
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How is it? With curves, no waist and probably with volume in the abdominal area.

Yes: Dresses that are empire cut or that frame your waist (you can wear a belt), always trying to have some volume or flight in the bottom.

No: Designs with details to the hip or draped in the middle zone.

The American driver opts for dresses that mark her waist as the so-called “envelopes.”

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perfect dress for every body type
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How is it? Your shoulders are aligned proportionally to your hips and you have the little waist.

Yes: Dresses with volume that create the illusion of curves such as dresses that have the skirt in court A. Another option is the fit dress (fit the waist). But that they come off a little from the body from the waist.

No: dress without form, too straight.


How is it? With curves. You have proportionally hips, waist, and bust. Focus, this does not mean that you are thin or fat, that is to say, a very thin girl can have an hourglass body as well as a girl of thick texture.

Yes:  Dresses that are founded with your silhouette. That is, with a little neckline, framing your waist and tightened at the hem.

No:  Those who do not frame your body, the style of tunics.

The famous celebrity has a curvaceous body.

perfect dress for every body type
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How is it? It is the opposite of the triangle: It has many shoulders and the little hip.

Yes: Dresses in line A, that are discreet in the part above.

No:  Slender straps and the little volume in the skirt area. The shoulder pads will not do anything for your figure either.

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