Ways to Wear a Scarf

The scarves, in this season, become the perfect complement and can transform your look into something very original, so here are some ideas how to use them to be fashionable this fall-winter.

Types of scarf

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Scarf with knots

This option is perfect to wear with a casual outfit, all you have to do is place the scarf around your neck and tie at chest height, makes two to three knots, this way to wear your scarf looks great with Blouses with turtlenecks.

Braided knot scarf

It is one of the most common ways to wear your scarf, it is elegant and helps you to cover yourself with the cold in style, to achieve this knot you just have to fold the scarf in half, put it next to your neck and go through the length Hole through which the scarf is folded, as shown in the image, this option is perfect for wearing with necklines.

Scarf knot to neck

Neck scarves are a way to wear your scarf and keep you warm without complications, all you have to do to achieve this knot is to tie the scarf around the neck, to put it around the neck, to cross it and to pass it through the head, for the last one fits well so that it looks perfect.

For women who like to look feminine and flirty this scarf knot is an excellent choice, goes very well with elegant and sober outfits, with this option you can add a touch of color and look very nice, to achieve it you just have to put the scarf on your neck, leaving one side longer than the other, with the longer side forming the bun, as shown in the picture and with the shorter side tie it.

Cowboy knot scarf

If you are a lover of jeans, this way to use your scarf or scarf, is the right for you, the cowboy knot is a good alternative to complement your casual looks and at the same time cover yourself with the cold, to achieve this knot, you will have to get A wide scarf to look like the picture.

Twisted Scarf

Place the scarf around your neck, leading the tips back, crosses the nape of the neck and leads the tips in front and begins to put them through the circle that is around your neck, to end tie the ends. This option more than covering the cold is an alternative to wearing a scarf as an accessory to your look.

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Hidden Knot Scarf

Undoubtedly this knot will be the protagonist of the winter, since it allows you to look elegant and at the same time sheltered in a chic way, to achieve it is easier than it seems, a recommendation is to wear a scarf long enough to make it perfect.

Cross knot scarf

This knot is very similar to the twisted knot, with a small variation, but it looks just as nice only as shorter, it is an excellent option for those girls who like to wear everything in their place since it is very well tied and will last you all day.

To look stylish, modern and very chic in this fall-winter season you do not have to spend much, just use the perfect complement to achieving it and as you can realize, scarves, scarves or pashminas are a perfect choice.

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