How to Get Rid of Towel Lint on Clothes?

Have you bought quality towels but found them full of fluff? This is a common problem that has an easy and inexpensive solution. Think that just a couple of washes will be enough for the towels to stop releasing the lint, but if you want to have them ready for use as soon as possible, pay attention to the following tips. This time, we explain how to remove lint from new towels. Stop shaking the towel vigorously or trying to remove the lint with your hand, because it won’t do you any good. Take note of the following tips and you will see how to get rid of towel lint on clothes. Take note!

How to get rid of towel lint on clothes?

Did you just buy some towels and they are full of fluff? The first thing you should do after purchasing them has put them in the washing machine to do a regular wash. Of course, to prevent lint from invading other clothes, we advise you to wash them alone, without any more clothes. It is also important that you do not include fabric softener in this first wash since a spin will still not be enough to remove the lint from the towel.

Probably after the first wash you still see fluff that can stick to your body when drying, so it is not the time to use it yet, you have to keep working on it. This time, soak them in a large basin or directly in the tub. The water level should be abundant until it covers them completely.

how to get rid of towel lint on clothes

When the towels are well soaked in lukewarm water, put a good jet of vinegar on them, responsible for drying the lint, and also include coarse salt since it will be in charge of scraping the towel and removing all the lint that is embedded in the towel. Remove all these elements so that the towel is completely impregnated with them. To remove the heavy towels you can help yourself with the broomstick, thus also preventing the strong smell of vinegar from passing into your hands.

With the towels well soaked in the mixture, let them soak for a few minutes. The more the better, so we advise you to soak for at least 2 or 3 hours. After this time, take out the towels and put them back in the washing machine, in order to carry out a new wash, this time short, with a spin at a temperature of 30ÂșC. Once the washing machine is finished, put the towels to dry. Can you see how all the lint has disappeared from your new towels? Works!

In addition to the traditional method that we have explained in the previous steps, there are other formulas that will help you eliminate the lint from your new towels. For example, wrap them in a nylon net and put them in the dryer for about half an hour. After this time, remove the filter from the appliance, clean it, replace it and start the drying process again. In case you notice that there is still some lint stuck to the towel, we recommend using a roller or adhesive tape to remove the excess. You will see how they disappear quickly!

In cleaning processes, bicarbonate is always a good ally and, this time, it could not be less. Use the following method to remove lint from your new towels: just add half a cup of baking soda to your washing machine. Remember not to use fabric softener during the process and wash the towels without mixing them with other clothes. Thanks to the power of baking soda, lint will be removed forever.

Finally, we recommend that after each wash, using any method, store towels outdoors. The drying effect of the sun, together with the natural breeze, will eliminate the excess lint completely. In addition, drying them outdoors will help to prevent static electricity from accumulating in them, which would help the lint to continue to stick to the fabric. Test it!

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