How to dress for a party at home

As far as going out at night is concerned, we women like to get ready, to think about what to wear, to look our best and at the same time to feel comfortable. When you go to a nightclub, there is not much to choose from, as it is a more formal outing and you will surely wear high shoes, dress or skirt. Let’s know how to dress for a party.

When we go to a party at some friends’ house the challenge is more complicated, since that we have thousands of options of outfits. It is not a formal exit but you do not want to see yourself like every day. So, what do I wear ?! Keep reading: Essential clothing for a newborn

How to dress for a party

how to dress for a party

We have some tips of basic pieces that you can combine to put together an outfit suitable enough to go out at night and not see yourself exaggerated:

1. Jeans and slippers

Jeans are the easiest piece to change category, with sandals are informal and with shoes become a higher status without reaching the elegant. Find your sexiest jeans, add booties or high shoes, and combine with a pretty sweater or blouse, if it simply adds a necklace of stones or diamonds to emphasize that it is not a day outfit.

2. Dress and flats

The dresses give the idea of femininity and elegance, something that can change according to how you combine it, they can be very comfortable and versatile, especially if they are plain without any pattern or adornment, wear it with some shoes, sandals or booties, if not you wear it with high shoes you will notice that they look good for a casual party, to follow the trends accompany it with a leather jacket.

how to dress for a party

3. Shorts that are not denim

The wonderful thing about the current fashion is that it offers shorts and skirts in infinities of fabrics that are not jeans, in this way we can combine them with more things, especially if they are black leather, they give a nocturnal and winter touch, wear them with transparent black stockings and accompany it with a blazer of the color that you like, you can wear high or low shoes. An extra that you can add to feel more “trimmed” is an unusual accessory like a hat or headband. You may also like:

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