How to wear t-shirt? A self respecting wardrobe

There is a white basic shirt that always gets us out of a hurry. One of the basic par excellence is the white shirt. A basic garment and that by its simplicity can be the best of the options to fix any type of look and even at night giving it a more chic touch. Let’s learn how to wear t-shirt.

The white shirts have become that garment that every woman has in her closet. Many times, we end up using it in case we do not find another shirt with which to complete our look or, even, to be at home. A white shirt can have a lot more life than you imagine: shorts, skinny jeans, jeans, boyfriend pants, cargo, skirts … The white shirts combine with everything! Keep reading: How to get the Sport Chic style

How to wear a t-shirt?

How to wear t-shirt

We find them in all possible ways: crop top, round neck, v-neck, short sleeves, sleeveless, finite straps, lenceras, cotton … It is the perfect companion for any type of look and a real lifesaver for those days in those who “do not know what to wear”. His versatility has no limits and we have not always been able to find the perfect basic white shirt that we can combine with several looks; and it is that he has his giving to her.

What do I put it on?

The answer is: with everything! If you want to give a look to your look, try putting it on with skinny pants or skinny black leather, a blazer and good stilettos. You already have a look to go out partying and be disruptive. If you have a skirt with floral print and you do not get a top that can fit, the white basic shirt is your solution. V perfectly with any other color and pattern, both with flowers, fruits, and animal print.

White t-shirts are not only a summer garment, in winter you can also use them. Put on some jeans, an open plaid shirt and, underneath, your shirt. That easy! You can also do the same with a jacket in wool, a jacket or a knit cardigan.

More ideas to create looks with your white basic t-shirt

How to wear t-shirt

The looks with a white shirt, far from appearing impersonal and cold, can say much more about our personality than we think. There are many moments of the day in which the white shirt can become a must for your look. To go to the office, you can opt for neutral nude color fall pants combined with a clutch and sandals will be perfect.

Another way to wear these types of shirts is with blazers. The look will be more elegant but informal and also now you have many possibilities to give color to your look with the pastel-colored Americans as in yellow, pink or blue … As well as red or the basic black and blue.

For an appointment or going out with friends, you can use a more special skirt with beads, pallets or sequins, combining it with your white shirt and a good heel or platform shoe. If you also add bracelets or gold or silver bracelets or accessories to your look, the look will be perfect.

The black and white combination never fails … A leather legging, a black jean with broken knees or a buttoned skirt on the front will also be the perfect companions for your white basic shirt.

Another of the most relaxed and casual looks that you can compose with a white shirt is to match it with some jeans, boyfriend or uncle jeans along with some sandals or some sneakers the look will be perfect.

 What do you think of the oversize white shirt?

How to wear t-shirt

If you are the one who steals the white shirt to your boyfriend or your brother because you like to wear them XXL we also have some ideas for you. You can give it the feminine touch adjusting it to the occasion or combining it with boyfriend jeans too. If in addition, you wear ballets or a black type lingerie bra of the shirt to see or intuit below the result will be perfect and above all, very attractive.

If you want to give it a style plus combine it with fluid vests with horizontal stripes, sleeveless blazer … the possibilities are endless so let your imagination fly and create innumerable looks both in winter and summer with this basic wardrobe.

You no longer have excuses to relegate this garment to the bottom of the drawer. Include it in all your usual looks and show the norm of “less is more” because believe us, you will not find a better basic that takes you out of more than one hurry at all times.

In addition, we advise you to wear t-shirt: short, strapless, soft and fluid, tight … Thus you will have even more possibilities to combine it with more clothes and above all, create looks almost daily with them. You may also like:

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