Best winter jackets for extreme cold

The current feather coats are no longer as annoying as the ancients that were uncomfortable tomboys that made you look like the doll of michelín. The top brands of best winter jackets for extreme cold to add these items to the popular system dress in layers (one in which we superimpose several items that help keep us dry and simultaneously hot and isolated from the outside) our body appreciated: we won in handling and thermal sensation, in short, we won in Comfort.

With a good feather jacket, we can get perfect isolation from the outside. We must bear in mind that our body is at 37 º temperature and outside there will be temperatures close to 0 º and that air is practically the best insulation that exists. Thus, to achieve the minimum possible heat loss, what we have to achieve is to trap as much air as possible that isolates us and there is no better existing material than the pen (also, they can be machine washed without any problem!)

Best winter jackets for extreme cold

Best winter jackets for extreme cold

Then, we recommend the ones that for us right now are the Best winter jackets for extreme cold in the market according to what you need it for. Do you need a coat to go to work in the mornings, to go to high mountains or ski? Keep reading, and you will get what best suits you. Due to our love for nature, we will only recommend brands that strictly comply with the said pact.

1. Men’s Parka The North Face M McMurdo Down 550 (Recommended)

Men's Parka The North Face M McMurdo Down 550

A Parka stuffed with 550 Cuins down that at once an elegant design with more than enough protection in any town in the dead of winter.

It is perfect to take to work or go out with her at night, all-terrain vehicle. With a shirt underneath will suffice (to wear a sweater, you should be at temperatures close to 0ª). Also, it is waterproof and has an exclusive North Face Dryvent system that filters moisture and prevents heat from escaping.

The multitude of pockets to store everything you need and find it quickly without your hands freezing and a hood with hair trim that you can remove when you want (you can leave only the hood without the hair or remove it too).

A best seller that is worth every Euro that weighs. Comfort, quality and design thanks to one of the best and most reliable brands in the market, North Face.

2. Women’s Feathers Coat Columbia Lay D Down t

Columbia Lay D Down t

If you are looking for a women’s coat for the day, this Columbia model is perfect. Stuffed with 550 (80% down / 20 feather ). It weighs very little. In return, you have the feeling of being wrapped in a quilt all day.

It gives much more heat than it appears for how fine it is, it has a feminine cut without seams in the areas of chest or hip and detachable hood with hair.

The sleeves are a little longer than normal, but this way you make sure that your hands do not freeze and you also have three pockets to store what you need.

It’s almost waterproof. So, you save yourself the trouble of getting the pen wet and when you wash it immediately regains its shape.

Perfect shelter for any woman who wants to use it both for the city and for excursions in the countryside at temperatures close to 0º.

3. Economic Mountain Trespass Stormer Feather Jacket

Economic Mountain Trespass Stormer Feather Jacket

Feather jacket prepared for physical activity in the mountains (climbing, trekking, skiing …). With a percentage of 80% down / 20% feather it is perfect for cold winters. The filling of feathers helps keep the heat of your body without escaping weighing very little. Bring a small bag to fold it (it takes less than 20cmsx 10) and take it comfortably anywhere.

It is an ideal complement as “second skin ” for hiking in the mountains on really cold days.

Although it is not 100% waterproof, it holds up fine rain and thanks to the hood that perfectly collects your neck you can hold it in the rain for a while.

Two zippered pockets to keep warm hands and top-level seams to ensure that the pen does not come off, it is a perfect jacket for mountainous climates that can withstand temperatures below 0 ° without the problem.

An authentic gem that benefits from not being a super known brand to offer an exceptional quality/price ratio.

4. Jacket Mountain Feathers ESSENS III DOWN


If you want a “second skin” that will warm you in the most adverse cold with a weight of … 86 Grams! This is your pledge Manufactured by Haglöfs, it perfectly fulfills what it promises: You can take it anywhere with you always. From a harsh high mountain climate, to the city taking a walk at night.

It has a ratio of 90% down – 10% feather and reaches up to 800 CUINS , so it is among the top category among the down coats.

Thus, you are sure that below 0° is always warm and has 2 pockets for the hands and one on the chest so you can save the minimum without losing heat at any time.

In short, one of the best coats in the market that we love for its incredible lightness and heat capacity that makes you fall in love with it from the first moment.

Also available for women with hood.

5. The North Face M Nuptse 2 Vest Feather

The North Face M Nuptse 2 Vest Feather

A mountain vest is always a very comfortable garment for cold climates . North Face manufactures one of the most sold, ideal to keep the trunk warm thanks to an isolation of 700 CUINS, it is compressed to fit in your own pocket

Simple and at the same time very practical , although it is a little thick, if you put on another garment, it is compressed and made very comfortable. If you do not need a garment for an extreme cold and you like to carry your arms loose, this classic model fits perfectly to what you need.

Why use pen? Why do I need it?

Once you have seen some of the best jackets on the market, if you have any questions about which one to choose, read on and we will help you solve any doubt that may have arisen.

Avoiding the loss of heat generated by our own body is the main challenge of any shelter. The air behaves like one of the best natural insulators that exist, so the more air our shelter can trap, the more sheltered and hot we will be.

Faced with synthetic fiber fabrics, the natural feather will always give us more heat, it is also much more comprehensible (after all, there is a lot of air between pen and feather, so if you compress it well, its volume is greatly reduced) and thanks to the latest treatments in the industry, its durability has increased dramatically (the main cause of wear on a down garment is that it “loses its body”).

The only real problem that the pen presents is that if it gets wet, it is compressed and it will not be able to withstand the heat well , that’s why we always have to avoid it by covering ourselves with a raincoat if we are in the rain.

To measure the ability to give warmth of a pen garment , a unit of measure is used that indicates the ability of the pen to expand in a certain volume, thus, the unit of measurement is the CUIN (Cubic Inches, in English ). Therefore, it is also important not only to look at the quality of the pen, but also the amount of pen per inch enjoyed by our garment.

It is recommended to check if the coat can be easily stored (there are many that are so compressed that they can “self-store” in their own pocket and in the quality of the seams to prevent the filling from coming off easily .

Final thoughts,

A coat of feathers is our best ally if we want to fight the cold, the only downside is to avoid getting wet, so for dry cold days, it is the best option we have to fight it. You only have to think about what you are going to use it for and when and properly choose its characteristics to have a garment that you will not be separated from during the long, cold winter days.

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