What to wear for a festival themed wedding

While traditional church weddings will always be popular, there has been a big rise in alternative wedding styles in the last decade and one of the most common is the festival wedding.

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We Brits love our music festivals, so it’s unsurprising that the bohemian, laid back, outdoorsy vibe has transcended into a wedding style that many couples want to theme their big day around. With an emphasis on live music, rustic food, camping and embracing nature, Inspired Camping claims that festival weddings are currently taking the UK by storm.

But for guests attending a festival wedding, the outfit choice can be problematic. Out in a field, at the mercy of the great British weather, it can feel daunting to find an outfit that is going to be practical as well as stylish. Here is some inspiration for anyone attending a festival wedding this summer.


Crochet clothing is no longer for your granny! It is a timeless, vintage trend that many big fashion houses have revived in recent years. Its edgy, shabby chic vibe would fit in perfectly with the bohemian nature of a festival wedding. A maxi dress with crochet detail would be the ideal combination for the day, giving you comfort, style and swishy-ness!

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When it comes to dresses for wedding guests, you’ll find a range of patterns and prints on the market this summer. Old faithful florals would fit in perfectly at a festival wedding with their natural connotations. But don’t be afraid to think outside of the box either. Festival weddings are all about colour and boldness, so embrace brash designs that you wouldn’t necessarily choose to wear to a wedding.


A muddy field probably isn’t the best place for stilettos, but there are plenty of other footwear options that will see you through a long day (and evening!). Opt for wedges or even detailed sandals. Maxi dresses for wedding guests are a good idea here, as most styles of footwear from trainers to kitten heels go well with them.

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Think fringed edges, think suede, think wide-brimmed hats and oversized sunglasses – this is a festival after all! The only no-no here would be denim. It’s still a wedding and you don’t want to go too casual.


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