Denim jacket women: 14 fashionable ways to wear it

It is not always obvious to wear a denim jacket with style but with these tips, you will succeed in the enterprise, copy the best of looks of street style

Keeping up with the new trends is not easy: every season brings with it new colors and styles. Sometimes it seems to you that nothing in your closet is cool, except for the evergreens that never go out of style. An example? The perfect denim jacket for both summer nights and winter nights undercoats. But if you’re tired of always wearing it the same way, it’s time to brush up on the most versatile garment there is. And street style ( especially that of Milan ) comes to our rescue. Oversize, blue jeans, classic, vintage, white are just some of the souls of the denim jacket and real Simple suggests how to give it a new life for spring.

Classic jacket

Who doesn’t have a classic denim jacket in the closet? Pair it with a brightly colored sweatshirt, a pair of jeans, an ankle boot, and a shoulder bag. For every day it is the recommended look for those who have no time to waste in front of the wardrobe but want to be cool.

Crop jacket

Crop cut and oversized sleeves: a denim jacket like this certainly does not go unnoticed. Focus on a monochromatic outfit, preferably black, to keep the focus only on the jacket: he is the only protagonist of this look.

A matter of details

A jacket that transforms into a sort of denim shirt. To be worn inside high-waisted trousers but only one side, the other remains outside for an urban girl touch.

The rule? Equilibrium

If the denim jacket is simple, go for the effect trousers or shoes. In order not to make style mistakes, the rule is balance: if the jacket is particular, the rest is simple, and vice versa.


XXL oversized jacket, to steal from your boyfriend’s closet. Wear it with wide trousers and heels.

Jacket + belt

Take an oversized denim jacket and highlight the waist with a belt. The effect is trés chic.

Simple is better

Details make the difference and this oversized denim jacket with fur inserts proves it. Pair it with a classic sweatshirt or shirt, jeans, and white sneakers. A simple but winning outfit.

Total look in denim

If you focus on a total denim look, in order not to be taken for granted, choose a particular denim jacket that does not fall into banality. The extra touch? The brown suede ankle boot always looks great with denim.

White? Why not?

Tired of the classic blue denim jacket? Focus on white which is a valid alternative.

Sportive girl

Boyfriend jeans, white t-shirt, flat shoes, and denim peaked hat. The denim jacket completes the look. An outfit with style, comfortable and affordable for everyone.

The denim jacket … elegant

To be worn with a skirt, long or short, it doesn’t matter. Just be high-waisted and have a belt and heels close at hand.

Watch out for the right accessory

Even the accessories they want their part: if you give a new life to your denim vest and do not want to buy a new one, you just need a simple scarf or a scarf.

The personalized jeans jacket

Why settle for a classic denim jacket when you can have a graphic one? If you don’t want to spend a fortune, you can do it yourself at home using patches, applications, and rhinestones to have a unique and personalized garment.

Metropolitan mood

Mix of styles: urban, sporty, and chic. It is not a simple look and falling into error is easy but if you manage not to commit it by dosing every mood well, the effect is definitely winning.

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