Red eyeshadow: who is good for and which ones to avoid

Red eyeshadow can look good on everyone, but its application requires some little care, to avoid the vampire effect. Perfect beauty ally for the summer, here are the tips on how to use it.

Spotted on the catwalks and dared by celebrities, red eyeshadow looks good on everyone and, even if you wouldn’t think it looks like it, it is also very suitable for a daytime look. Provided well-calibrated obvious.

Although very powerful in themselves, scarlet shades are not just an evening eyeshadow. Just add a hint of red in daytime smokey eyes at the center of the eyelid and the look changes immediately without distorting the daily make-up too much.

Many women do not have the courage to try it for fear that the result may be too strong, in which case, try to approach this shade by trying to make up the eyelid with a little red lipstick to see the effect it does.

How to apply red eyeshadow

The advice is to apply it only on the mobile eyelid and then blend it with a pencil or a black or anthracite gray kajal, in this way you will avoid the vampire effect. It becomes beautiful when combined with a black kajal applied to the lower eye rim and mascara on the lower lashes.

Red eyeshadow: who is it good for?

Generally, red eyeshadow looks good on everyone, but undoubtedly it is perfect for those with green eyes because being its complementary color emphasizes them. Also of great effect on very light, blue, cerulean eyes. But even on black eyes, the result is really impressive. The most suitable period for daring red eyeshadow is the summer one, in fact, the red eyeshadow stands out a lot on tanned skin. In fact, it also looks great on women with amber and dark complexions.

As for the finish, on the other hand, the satin or metallic one is more suitable for a young eye, but requires uniform skin, without imperfections. The matte one instead gives a velvety, almost more natural effect and is recommended for a less young eye.

Red eyeshadow: mistakes to avoidRed eyeshadow

Since red is already a protagonist color, it is better to avoid graphic tricks and prefer smokey eyes, even a little worn, almost cast. They are more harmonious, sensual, and give character. Avoid applying red eyeshadow in case of red dark circles on fair skin or dark circles tending to blue , because it would highlight them. If you have decided to try red eyeshadow, remember that the lips must be bare. So no to red or too bright lipsticks. If, on the other hand, you prefer a strong color, opt for a black or a berry as long as a mat.

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