How to wear pink dress: tips and ideas

It is the feminine color par excellence and you just need to know how to wear pink for the color to be right for every occasion: here are tips and ideas to do it.

It is the feminine color par excellence, and for this reason, it is sometimes considered a bit frivolous: in reality, thanks to its many shades, it is enough to know how to wear pink for this color to be right for every occasion.

Here are tips and ideas for wearing a pink  dress at its best

First of all, it is good to know which is the right pink to choose based on hair color and phototype: if for olive and tanned skin with brown hair a soft shade such as antique pink is perfect, blondes are suitable for practically every shade of pink, especially the sugared almond. Fuchsia, then, is good for everyone, so – although with the parsimony to devote to intense colors – do not be afraid to dare to use it.

Pink is a perfect color to add an extra touch to black and white prints, whether they are stripes, checks, or patterns, but also in the sophisticated and extremely chic combination with neutral colors such as beige. Pink is also suitable for the most romantic looks, marked with light polka dot blouses and lace fabrics, perhaps chosen for an original miniskirt.

Perhaps the best combination (certainly the most loved and simple) is with black , which depending on the declination gives a rock or chic trend, but the combinations with brown and dark blue, more particular, are not to be disdained. On the other hand, those who want to play down the more “sweet” side can choose to combine pink with bright colors from another range, such as a bright green, for a spring outfit, trendy and centered on a Seventies mood.

A pink coat, reminiscent of a vintage look like Grace Kelly or Jacqueline Kennedy, is a refined alternative to classic colors, especially if the wardrobe is mainly composed of neutral colors that can be well combined with the particular color. A pink dress can be very elegant if long, in chiffon and blush tones, for a look to be completed with neutral accessories, but it can also be short and sparkling if in a bright tone, to be played down perhaps with ankle boots and a black leather jacket like Grease.

The sugared almond suit is more contemporary if with trousers, to be worn with a black and white vertical striped shirt for a whimsical touch and sensual black pump shoes. Finally, to begin to become familiar with this color, nothing better than a sweater (in cotton for mid-season and in wool for the winter) to be worn with skinny jeans and shoes with laces with a masculine cut.

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