How to clean lace clothes properly? Step by step guideline

The lace garments are beautiful and delicate. However, for no one is a secret they deserve special care in order to stay in perfect condition. But you should not stop using them frequently. You just have to take into account some tips that will help you keep them cool for longer. Here, we explain how to clean lace properly.

How to clean lace clothes?

It is possible that many of your lace garments are not properly clothes that you currently use, but old pieces that you keep and want to keep in good condition. You may also read: How to wash chenille fabrics?

How to clean lace

First step:

If you want to wash ancient lace garments, you must be very careful to avoid damaging them. Therefore, it is recommended to add detergent for delicate garments and a teaspoon of sodium perborate to a hot water container, mix well and then place your lace garments inside a white cotton bag. Leave the clothes for an hour to rest in this mixture.

Second step:

Then remove the liquid, and always rinse well inside the bag, without removing them. Then throw them with starch and you’ll see how your old lace garments look great.

In the case of black lace garments that you want to wash and also fix their color, there is a great homemade trick. Mix hot water and vinegar, preferably white, immerse your clothes for at least an hour, then rinse and dry. In addition to being very clean, the black color will be fixed perfectly.

Third step:

If you want to wash a lace garment in ivory or beige, you can apply a great trick that will also allow you to highlight the tone of the piece. Leave the garment to rest in a mixture of hot water and delicate laundry detergent for at least one hour. Then rinse and dip in a combination of warm water and black tea for about 20 minutes, this will help you accentuate the ivory color of the clothes. Then rinse and dry.

Fourth step:

Whenever you are going to wash a lace garment take these recommendations into account:

  • Fasten the buttons and zippers of the garment very well before washing, in this way you will preserve it in perfect condition during the process.
  • Use preferably liquid detergent for delicate items instead of powder, this way you will avoid residues in your garments.
  • You can also use normal detergent, but always try to make it liquid.

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