Between casual and smart: men’s fashion advice

When it comes to choosing the vibe of your outfits, balancing out casual and comfy outfits with a more smart approach is tricky. If you want to look put-together and stylish without having a too formal or overly relaxed outfit, this article is perfect for you. Because the right balance between these two fashion approaches is an important part in men’s fashion, we decided to help you out in this article. We put together some advice on how to achieve the perfect comfy, smart and stylish outfits so read along and get ready to look your best.

Different occasions

The first thing you need to do is make sure your outfit matches the occasion. Different events and settings call for different levels of formality. For special events, your outfit has to be on the smart-elegant side, while for a date night, brunch time or daily office work, you can tone it down. So keep the occasion in mind and let’s see how to get the best style for it.

Key pieces

To make sure you can put together smart or casual outfits, you need to have some essentials in your wardrobe. The first key piece is a white shirt that you can dress up or down and style it with pretty much anything. Next up, get a pair of neutral chinos that are comfy and perfect for smart casual outfits. All you need now is a blazer or jacket that fits you well and some clean sneakers or boots. Adding these pieces to your wardrobe will allow you to mix them with more casual items and create perfect outfits.

Mix and match

Now you can take all those classy pieces and mix them with your existing wardrobe for a variety of occasions. For example, take those chinos, add a polo t-shirt and your sneakers, accessorize with a watch and even a cap if you feel like it. Choose a polo t-shirt with a more loose fit for more of a casual and stylish vibe. If the weather requires it, add your jacket and you’ve got the perfect casual, but comfy outfit. If you don’t have a polo t-shirt, get one here and get ready to style it in this effortlessly chic look.

Dress down your suit

Finally, for the perfect balance between casual and smart, you can try dressing down any suit you own. To do that, first you’ll give up the tie, this will make your suit instantly look less formal. Then you can go for a patterned or textured shirt in order to add some personality to the look. Swap out your elegant shoes for clean, minimalist sneakers or plain boots. You can choose to keep the blazer or not, add some accessories and your suit is perfect for a more casual event.

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