How to clean leather shoes

Leather is the ideal material for making quality footwear. Its flexibility and durability make leather shoes as comfortable as they are resistant and are their favorites for many.

In leather, there are endless models of shoes for men, women, and children and they all require minimal care to keep them looking new for longer. The maintenance of leather footwear is not complicated, but it includes regular cleaning, and always using the appropriate materials that do not damage or stain the leather or suede. With the arrival of autumn, you may be taking your shoes out of the closet for the cooler days, so in this article, we give you all the keys on how to clean leather shoes to make them perfect with very little effort.

Materials to clean leather shoes

When cleaning leather shoes, it is essential to resort to the appropriate utensils and use suitable products that do not, in any case, erode the leather or cause unwanted discoloration.

You can find different cleaning kits for leather shoes, but, in general, as basic tools, you will need an ultra-soft bristle brush with which to remove dust and surface dirt and a very soft cloth, such as chamois or a microfiber cloth. If in addition to cleaning you want to leave your shoes shiny, a small sponge will be ideal to leave them shiny without damaging the leather.

As for the most appropriate products, a little warm water and a few drops of neutral soap can be more than enough to remove general dirt and also that adhered in the form, for example, of mud splashes.

For other types of stains, which can be persistent such as grease, it may be necessary to resort to specific products or professional services to remove them without risking those leather shoes, which are probably expensive. There are also some home tricks, such as rubbing the grease stain with a little milk or even a few drops of lemon juice, but in these cases you always have to do a test beforehand, applying the ‘remedy’ to a non-visible area of ​​the footwear (inside) to check that it does not suffer any change in color.

Finally, among the materials, it is also necessary to include some specific cream, bitumen or wax that provides leather shoes, especially boots and ankle boots, with the hydration they need to maintain their flexibility and continue to be totally comfortable.

How to clean leather shoe step by step

Especially if you take care of your shoes properly, cleaning them, a little more thoroughly, from time to time to preserve them better, is a simple task that can be summarized in the following steps.

Remove any removable non-leather items from the shoe, for example, laces if they have them, or any embellishments such as metal buckles. These elements will have to be cleaned separately.

Pass a clean, dry chamois leather over the entire surface of the leather shoe, without rubbing. The idea is simply to remove the dust and dirt that is not very stuck.

If the footwear has small particles attached, take a specific brush for leather shoes, with ultra-soft bristles and brush lightly. You will find it easier if you hold the shoe by putting one of your hands inside it and hitting it with the brush with the other. To remove any possible dirt that may be just between the sole and the upper part, a small brush with the same characteristics can be a good help. It will also help you to remove the dirt that remains in the folds of the leather that the shoe presents.

Finished brushing, check if there is any stain or circle. If so, try to remove it using a slightly damp chamois (never wet or soaked) with a drop of neutral soap. Pass the cloth not only through the stain but throughout the skin, although gently influencing it especially.

Wait until the footwear is completely dry and then apply a specific product for leather shoes, such as a cream that helps hydrate them or simply a colorless polish or shoe polish in the right shade.

Wait again for the footwear to dry completely and finally go over it with another clean chamois, making small circular movements until the shoes are perfect and shiny.

How to clean suede leather shoes

Suede leather, like suede, has a ‘plush’ texture, soft and pleasant, but it is also particularly delicate against scratches and stains. Despite what is believed, suede shoes can be cleaned, although it is important to do it the right way to avoid damaging them.

Brushing is the key to keeping them beautiful for longer. To carry it out, suede leather requires a brush with stiff bristles, which you will have to use dry, brushing the leather following its own direction, that is, from the instep to the toe and from top to bottom.

In the face of dust and superficial dirt, soft brushing is usually enough to clean suede leather shoes. But if you detect any stains or the shoe is really dirty as a whole. You can also wipe it with a chamois dampened in water with a minimal amount of soap. neutral (dishwasher soap on hand can help). Pass it all over the shoe and, if necessary, go into the stain with light circular movements. If you notice that you have leftover soap residue, remove them with another clean, damp cloth. To finish, wait until the shoes are completely dry and brush them again as we have indicated.

How to clean leather shoes inside

Cleaning the inside of leather shoes is also important, not only so that the leather maintains its flexibility and the footwear remains comfortable, but also to eliminate traces of sweat and possible bad odors .

Doing it is very easy because you just have to use a cloth moistened with soap and water and pass it, lightly, all over the inside of the shoe. In case of persistent dirt or odors, you can also add a few drops of ammonia to the water. But in this case, do a little test before passing the cloth all over the skin. Also, before reusing shoes or storing them for the next season. It is important to check that they are completely dry.

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