How to Make a Headband

The headbands have long been a compliment forgotten or relegated to children. However, in recent years, his fame has been revalued thanks to fashion designers and great trend followers, who have adopted this complement for their looks and popularized it through social networks. It doesn’t matter if you have a long mane or short light hair, because the headband is a complement that always looks good and that, depending on the material and design you choose, will add a plus to your face and your hair.

How to make a headband?

The fabric headband, due to its simplicity, is an ideal complement to get you started in the world of doing it yourself projects. To begin with your preparation, you will need the following materials:

  • A piece of cloth 35cm long by 10cm wide. The length and width of the headband will depend on the style and width you want for it. However, we indicate some standard measures with which you can carry out your first project. We advise you to use cotton cloth, as it will be easier to use when cutting and sewing.
  • Sewing thread the same color as the fabric.
  • Sewing scissors.
  • Sewing machine.
  • 15 cm piece of elastic rubber that you can find in the haberdashery.

To learn how to make a fabric headband, follow the step-by-step instructions below:

  1. Fold the piece of cotton cloth and stitch the open part.
  2. Make a small hem in the fabric and insert it inward, on both sides, so that there are no loose threads or fringes.
  3. Insert the piece of rubber through one of the open ends and make another stitching on the piece of fabric through which you have inserted it, making sure you also sew the end of the rubber to the end of the fabric.
  4. Sew the other side of the rubber inside the other side of the headband, making sure to sew it next to the hem you made.

How to make a turban headband

 turban headband

Another type of headband that is in fashion is turban headbands. Taken to fame by the glamorous actresses of Hollywood in the 40s, today we use them both for the sportier looks and for those more sophisticated. To make a turban headband you will need:

  • A smooth headband of a minimum of 2 cm wide. You can buy it in any haberdashery or also on large surfaces. The simplest will be that you get a plastic one because they are also very economical.
  • Textile glue.
  • Cotton fabric.
  • Scissors.

These are the steps to follow:

  • Cut the fabric into three pieces, two widths of about 10 or 15 cm, and one of approximately 5 cm. Keep in mind that the 5 cm pieces will be used to line the headband, so it should be based on the size of the headband.
  • With the narrowest piece and textile glue, line the headband. Remember that the edges of the fabric should be inside the headband.
  • Take the two widest pieces of cloth, make them double, and paste the open edge, thus achieving a strip of uniform fabric and stamped on both sides.
  • Put the two pieces of cloth, one on top of the other, forming an X on the headband. Next, roll each end to the already lined headband. Before hitting the X with the textile glue, it is convenient that you do a test to see what volume you want for your turban headband. The less volume you want, the less you will have to squeeze the pieces of fabric on it.

How to make headbands for babies

headbands for babies

As you can see, creating your headbands is very simple and nothing difficult. How would you like to apply your artistic skills by making a headband for a child? In addition to being an ideal complement, it can be the perfect detail to give to a family member or friend. The most advisable thing is that the headbands for babies are completely round, like a turban. So, they are well attached to the head and are not uncomfortable. To make a headband for babies, you only need the following materials:

  • Elastic fabric or wide elastic band.
  • Scissors.
  • Sewing machine or sewing needle.
  • Sewing thread.
  • Textile glue or silicone gun.
  • Accessories to decorate: pieces of tulle, buttons, fabric flowers, bows, pom poms, etc.

Make headbands for babies

Measure the baby’s head and cut a strip of cloth or elastic tape. It mustn’t be too loose but not too tight. When cutting, always leave 1 cm long margin. Make stitching and test it on the baby’s head to make sure it is the right measure. Once you have the correct length of fabric or tape, sew the two ends.

Then, you just have to decorate it as you prefer. To do this, you can use the accessories that we have indicated or those that you want, combining fabrics and textures such as wool, crochet, velvet, etc.

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