The summer fashion guide for ladies

Hello, girls! How are you? Do you remember that I wrote a few weeks ago the summer fashion guide to the short films? Well, I want to bring you advice again this time for the girls who feel that they are a little stuffy of weight or who want to simply appear to look thinner.

Summer fashion guide for ladies

Eye, I want to make it clear, that it is not a rule to be thin or skinny, or that beauty means to have a certain weight or height. The beauty is totally subjective, the only important thing is that we sit well with ourselves and that these tips and advice that can give you only help us to enhance what we already are. Let’s see our summer fashion guide!

Do not add more volume to your body

summer fashion guide for ladies

Even if you do not feel so sure of your body, do not hide it in layers and layers, that will only make you look great. What you have to do is use the right garments in the correct sizes and colors that you favor. Keep reading this post and find out what they are.

The power of colors

summer fashion guide for ladies

It is easy. The darker the garment, the more it will hide that part of your body and the lighter the more it will highlight, the same applies to makeup, decoration, and everything. If you want to hide your hips, wear a dark-colored jean; if you want to hide your shoulders or lathe, tops in low colors.

Wear tight, not tight clothing

summer fashion guide for ladies

To look thinner, the worst thing you can do is wear tight clothing. In fact, so be thin and small, if you wear tight clothes you will look plumper than you are. Ideally, you wear clothes of your size. That will make you look good and in proportion to your body.

Wears heels

summer fashion guide for ladies

Heels always will always make us look more stylized. However, if you prefer not to do it for comfort, wear low shoes in some soft color that goes in one of your clothes or skin.

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summer fashion guide for ladies

In summer, it is too hot for sweaters or sacks. The layers are an excellent option if you do not feel so comfortable with your arms, or torso. Remember that this should not be so broad, the length should reach the hip at most.

Yes to Maxi Dresses

summer fashion guide for ladies

The ideal garment for this summer are the long dresses. They are fresh, there are a thousand shapes, colors and prints and dissimilar very well. You can also add a jean shirt over and you can accessorize it with a nice long necklace, big earrings or a clutch of an intense color for this summer! Like also:

Deep necklines

summer fashion guide for ladies

Summer is the perfect time to wear necklines and the V-neck will make you look slimmer in the torso. Wear blouses, tops, and shirts with this cut and avoid choker necklaces, will make your neck look chubby.


summer fashion guide for ladies

Not necessarily on the beach, as the sun damages the skin. You can do it with beauty products, at the hairdresser or in the solar beds of the spa. In any case, the tan makes you look slimmer. As I told you, the dark gets thinner. In the same way, make up the famous contouring, playing with the light and dark shadows to highlight cheeks and hide grease and gills. Keep reading

Arms covered, shoulders bare

summer fashion guide for ladies

This type of blouses or dresses are ideal for girls who do not want to show many arms, but as it is summer and it is very hot, leave some skin like shoulders.

Halter Neck Tops

summer fashion guide for ladies

As it is summer and we want to use strip poles, use them, but avoid that these are very separated to the heights of the shoulders. Opt for the strips almost at the level of the neck, thus you will create the illusion of a finer silhouette as in the image. Hopefully, this summer fashion guide for ladies will help you.

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