9 crazy trends for summer, would you dare with them?

It is true that these images that will surprise you have a context: they are taken in the Fashion Weeks, where you risk more at the time of dressing and where many attendees seek to capture the attention of the cameras with an original, surprising and striking that reflects his creative personality. But would we be able to bring these trends for summer to the street?

Trends for summer

crazy trends for summer

A breastplate

This classic of the casual look returns to scene in denim or printed version. With a T-shirt if you want a more traditional version or with nothing underneath if you want to show off your tattoos. Keep reading: Seven golden rules to wear stylish cargo pants in summer

Crop top

They are called this way to the short top that let the gut protrude. With a combination wide pants reminds us of those fashions of the 90s that we would like to forget.

The diver

A garment of work uniform that is worn on the street to create a rough and contemporary look, and more if it is with camouflage print and sporty type boots.

crazy trends for summer

The maxipendiente

At this point we are not surprised if we see a man with a slope, but he calls us more attention if he wears a maxi-sized one in the style of the 80s. As in Dynasty.

The printed suits

Pscidelic and colorful prints that are worn in suits of American and pants. And if you want more print, you can also add a printed shirt.

A maxibolso

It’s worth to spend the weekend of travel, but this bag so big might make you check in on the plane. You have to be very strong to carry it.

High heel shoes

They are not comfortable, I notice it from now, but the stiletto heels stylize a lot and add height in a miraculous way. Only suitable for tightrope walkers who do not mind highlighting.

crazy trends for summer


The pajama trend, with the patterned silk shirt and trouser sets, is very dandy, and Gucci has recovered it, taking it out of the bedroom into the street.


The transparent tops come back, especially for those who like to show off hours in the gym. Although Bershka has already signed up to sell this type of lightweight garments, we believe it will be hard for us to see him on the street. You might also like: http://blog-collector.org/2017/08/04/get-dressed-fast-in-the-morning-and-sleep-happy-10-minutes-more/

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